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Media Appearances

Can you identify your energy cords? What can you do to break them? I was invited back to Hay House Radio to join Psychic Medium John Holland on his radio show, Spirit Connections, again. This time we talked about energy drains, replenishing, being sure to honor your spirit, and more.

I was excited to join my sister on Coach on Call, Cheryl Richardson’s weekly internet radio show with Hay House Radio. Cheryl and I talked with callers and helped them see things in a new way and work through some of their blocks. We had great fun together — a powerful experience helping people far and wide! I invite you to listen in by clicking the play button below.

Having never had a life coach on his program before, I was thrilled to be invited to join Psychic Medium John Holland on his radio show, Spirit Connections with Hay House Radio. It was wonderful to share with his listeners the deep spiritual benefit of working with a coach. To listen, simply click the play button below.

Everyday Living with Eddie Mullins

I was honored to be invited to join Eddie on his Souls Journey Radio show. Eddie is a clairvoyant and angel intuitive. Together, we discussed life coaching, how dramatically people’s lives can change when working with a coach, and the use of intuition when guiding people on their path. I’m introduced in the 18th minute and am on for the remainder of the program. Listen below!

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