A Gift from the Watch Graveyard

Does everyone have one? A box or a drawer filled with watches whose batteries have long since died? I forget about mine until I go to choose a watch to wear, always to find my only option is gold. What’s a girl to do if her outfit calls for a sporty one? Or, heaven for bid, silver? Usually I opt to go without. But I walk away frustrated.

Sure, there are worse problems in the world, but sometimes it’s the little things like this that just nag at you. Every time I open that drawer in my jewelry armoire – enter aggravation.

I remember one December years ago, Missy got the batteries replaced in my favorite watches, wrapped them up, and gave them to me for Christmas. It was one of the best gifts I’ve ever received. She laughed it off, thinking it was silly to wrap them up like they were new. What she didn’t realize is that what she actually wrapped up in those boxes were thoughtfulness, relief, evidence of my really being seen by her, and the remedy for the consistent loss of energy around the dead watches. I felt like I had gotten a huge energy transfusion!

Hmm, my intention was to write a quick, quirky entry, but perhaps there’s a moral to this story after all. Maybe consider this a sign to think differently about the gifts you give others this holiday season and all year ’round. How about instead of a gift card or candle, there’s a project you could help a loved one finish – or begin. Is there an event your Mom, Dad, brother, sister, or best friend would love to go to, and going with you would make it even more special? There’s no gift more precious than your time (and if my batteries were replaced in my watches, I could tell you the time).

Image by alexkerhead