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How Will You Spend Your 12 Weekends?

We’re in the midst of summer here in New England, and it feels like it’s been a long time coming. As I sit outside of a downtown cafe writing this post, people pass me by in their shorts and sandals, talking about what a beautiful day it is (it sure is!). This season that we await so eagerly also goes by really fast. It is only 12(ish) weekends, after all.

Most of us tend to be over-scheduled and frenetic. “Busy” has become the new “fine” when asked how we’re doing.
Sure, there’s a lot of demands on your time, but don’t forget that YOU are ultimately in charge of your calendar. Yes, you. Even when if feels like you have to do something/go somewhere/follow through on a commitment, you have the power to truly decide. As a wise woman (who also happens to be my sister) once said, “Don’t mistake a difficult choice for no choice at all.”fun schedule

Because there’s so much that goes on during the summer, Melissa and I make a point of scheduling down time along with the cookouts, visits, and festivals. We’ll block off entire weekends to spend as we wish and we intentionally don’t decide how we will use those days until the time is upon us.

There’s something about that space in the calendar that feels so indulgent and relaxing. We can wake up on a Saturday morning and decide to go hiking for the day, or kayaking, or back to sleep. 🙂 It’s completely up to us.

For those plans that you do make in advance, be very selective with what you choose. Do your best to have the company you keep be the kind that leaves you feeling fulfilled. Make those people a priority. For example, although our best friends live around the corner from us (literally), it’s been weeks since we’ve seen them. That’s unacceptable, so we’re rectifying it this weekend.

So as you go about your summer (whether that’s now or six months from now for those of you in the southern hemisphere!), be sure to carve out time for the things you really want to do and the people you really want to see, and be sure to include down time and white space in your calendar. Your soul will thank you, and so will your friends and family.

OK, your turn! What techniques do you use to be sure you have time in your calendar for you? How do you cure the “busy”? Join the conversation in the comments below!

Until next week, keep taking those small steps to Live Out Loud.

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