Ya Gotta Do You

Date posted: April 24, 2014

Melissa and I are in the process of finalizing a move that many people in our lives are baffled by. We own a lovely home, in a great neighborhood, in a highly-coveted seacoast town. And we’re selling it. So we can get an RV. To live in full-time and travel the country. For a year or more.

I purposely broke those thoughts down so you could digest them in small bites. You’re welcome. It’s about Living Out Loud, right?!

usa-mapFor a while now, we’ve felt imprisoned by the white-picket-fence lifestyle, and our nomadic spirits just won’t simmer down. We’ve become resentful of the time spent on yard work and house maintenance when we just want to play in our free time.

I’ve always had a dream for my business to be mobile and global. Because I teach and coach virtually, I can do it from anywhere. I just need a phone and an internet connection. So what am I doing parked here through the long New England winters, trying to prevent ice dams in my gutters?

This plan of ours has really thrown the people in our lives for a loop. They just can’t wrap their heads around it. “Oh my god, you’re selling that house? Are you nuts?!” “You’re going to live in an RV full-time? I’d get claustrophobic!” “What if you hate it?” “Can’t you just rent one for a week?” “But you live in such a beautiful town!”

Don’t get me wrong. I’m nervous, for sure. Scared, even. But I’m also excited. That, to me, is a winning combination. However, I can easily be rattled by others’ limitations and fears around the idea. Maybe we are making a mistake. Maybe we should learn to make the typical American dream our dream.

We did that. For more than 6 years. And it was great, but our values and priorities have changed. We’re being pulled and called to listen to our soul’s voice, and right now, she wants adventure!

Life is uncertain and far too short. You gotta do YOU, even when those around you don’t get it. Whose life is it anyway? I have to keep reminding myself that the reactions of others are just that — their stuff, and not an indication that they don’t support us. We just make it a point to talk more about it with the people we know who have similar adventurous spirits. That way, we don’t feel like we’re losing our minds and we can indulge in the excitement.

And who knows? After selling the house, we may decide to change our plans entirely. And we’re ok with that.

I know we can’t be alone. Have you ever made a non-traditional move or decision in your life? Do you dream of doing so? Share your experience in the comments below, and let’s support each other!

Until next week, keep taking those small steps to Live Out Loud!

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  1. Kerri–this is crazy exciting! Wow. I am vicariously enjoying your march toward nomadic life. Good on you. “A rolling stone gathers no moss.” =) My sorta similar dream is to live in a foreign country (at least part-time). Congrats!

    • Thanks, Lisa! This has been in the works for a while, and it’s looking like our the closing on our house will be the first week in June! Crazy! 🙂 We’ll grab an apartment for a bit as we locate our new home on wheels. So, what’s your first step in making your dream come to fruition?

  2. Good luck on your new venture, Kerri. I’m looking forwarding to hearing about your “on the road” experiences.

  3. You two are doing what I dreamed of for years Going to the open road and
    see the Great Country
    I have visited a large numbers of States while in the service and do encourage
    you to go for it
    Like my Doctor told me way back when I debated going into business and leaving
    my safe bank job He said John you have to fish or cut bait.
    love DAD

  4. I’ve made lots of non-traditional moves and decisions in my life. Back in ’96 when Bob retired from 22 years in the Navy we decided to RV it for an indefinite period of time…while we took out time figuring out where we wanted to relocate….buy a house..work…raise our kids (at the time ages 8, 11, 13 16). Yeah, we were a bit crazy…but at the time we saw it as an opportunity to see some of our beautiful country and an exciting adventure. Spent about 7 months in the RV we fondly called “Raggedy Anne.” I have some good memories of that time we spent together getting acquainted with each other in a whole different environment while getting acquainted with our vast and beautiful country. So yep…follow you heart for sure. Besides in this age of 21 st century technology being mobile is even easier….I remember back then we had one of those early “brick” cell phones in a bag. LOL

    • Good on ya, Jan! So we’re not the only crazy ones! 🙂 I love the name of your rig, and it sure sounds like you have no regrets of hitting the road. Thanks for the motivation! Oh, yes, I remember those big brick phones! haha

  5. Good for you Kerri! I can totally relate about not wanting to spend time working in the yard or on the house. That’s why I live in a condo complex. No yard work – no snow shoveling – a warm cozy space with heat included. And hey I have a swimming pool that I don’t have to take care of either.

    I live in a fairly small space but it’s just me and the cat so I recreate my space as I like on a continual basis. About 9 years ago my living room was an art studio. Now it has two computer work stations and my “dining room” is a video studio.

    I’ve always been perplexed at why so many people do the same thing that everyone else does. So I applaud you and Melissa for breaking out of the mold and deciding what it is you really want to do and then creating a plan to carry that out.

    I look forward to following your adventures!

    Happy Trails!

    • Thanks for joining the conversation, Christine. I love hearing of other’s ways of life. I love the idea of changing up your home to serve different purposes. How fun to have it be a living room on month and an art studio the next! Yeah, no sheep mentality here either. 🙂

  6. My husband and I just moved back from FL in Oct (so I guess not “just”) and we WILL be going back down AND we are doing it in an RV this time and live in it and travel whenever posssible. Like your Dad it’s been a life long dream of mine to drive cross country. The BEST time I ever had by myself was back in ’93 when I drove from Medway to Ft Knox, KY where my then boyfriend was stationed for boot camp. I made tons of cassettes haha, took a detour on the way home. Going through W Va, looked @ my map & thought “I’m not that far from DC, I’ve never been, why the hell not???” I get to DC, it’s almost dark by now, looking for the White House (ps- the white house looks different in real life, NOT like on tv!!), drove around it about 3 times before I realized it, then got super lost in a not very nice part of DC,(highest crime rate still? I was there!!), couldn’t find the highway I needed, thankfully a nice gentleman saw me hysterical waiting @ same light did the “rolling the window down motion” and helped me get back to the highway. I had a BLAST!! Sorry I rambled a bit. Best wishes to you and Melissa. <3

    • Yes, Kristine! That’s one of the very appealing things about this adventure – the spontaneity, the last minute decisions on detours and sights, and the people you meet along the way. Thanks for sharing your story. It’s gotten me even more excited!

  7. Go for it Kerri. When you are 98 years old & lying on your death bed what will you be remembering, life in the ‘burbs or your adventure across America? If it works you could drive across Europe, then India, Australia, Africa & South America. Who knows? If it doesn’t work you’ll still be richer for the experience, which is what life is all about.

    • Very good point, Brett. On my death bed I will not be reminiscing about mowing lawns and weeding gardens! As with any other adventure in life, the regrets are in no giving them a go; not in if they don’t work out. So let’s all respectively go for it!

  8. Hi Kerri,

    At first I thought you two were crazy selling that beautiful home. But I totally get being tied down to all the house/yard work and feeling like a slave to the “American Dream”. I now am envious of your upcoming adventures and getting to see this great country. You may find a beautiful spot to settle for awhile and then I will have a place to visit.

    Live life to the fullest because it is a short trip here on earth.

    Love ya,

    • Yes! That’s exactly it — a slave to the American Dream. It’s a lovely dream for some, and has been for us for 6 years now, and I bet will be again in the future. But right now, I want freedom! Freedom from a mortgage, freedom from yard work, freedom from house projects, and most of all, we want adventure! And yes, come visit! 🙂 Love you, sis!

  9. Kerri,

    This is what I want to do…It’s my dream…to tour North America in an RV…

    So when you come to Connecticut…look me up.

    First, though, I am seriously considering back to school…in CT, senior citizens from age 62, can go to a State College tuition free.

    Kathy Way

  10. Congrats to liberating yourselves on your terms!!! I did it when I was much younger and, yes, it was very liberating as I look back now. At the time it was a complete adventure and I learned as I went. I would not trade any of it! I just read “The Alchemist” for the first time. Great book to remind us to go with the flow, trust the process and be willing to serve. Not a week goes by that I don’t think of you doing what you two are getting ready to do. I liberated myself from a job several years ago – and I will never forget the reaction of everyone around me. They were actually afraid for me (comical to think about now). I, on the other hand, had zero fear and again everything has worked out and my life has been an adventure. Cheers to you both; Go get ’em!!

    • Thanks, Darlene! Nice to hear of someone who’s done it and lived to tell about it! 😉 Learning as you go, I find, is part of the fun in life. I know for others, it’s terrifying. Cheers to liberation!

  11. Worked for Charles Kuralt – he built a tv show “On the Road” – Good luck – Coach on Wheels 🙂

  12. I just found out about you selling your house and followed the link to this post. I think it’s so exciting for you two to travel around the United States in an RV! Why not? I’ve traveled cross-country myself years ago. First time was with my mom and younger brother/sister to meet up w/my dad who was consulting w/a company out west and drop me off to college. Now *that* was an eventful trip. Bickering siblings, eerie landscapes due to Mt. Saint Helens recent eruptions, mishaps with camper, clogged car filters due to ash, an unbelievably scary and loud hail storm. lol And also, kind strangers/truckers to help us along the way, and a side visit to Amish country to buy cable to fix the camper.

    Then a year or so later, I took a bus from NJ to Boston to meet up with a college friend and pick up a “driveaway” car to drive (and deliver) to the owner in Boulder, CO. At that point, we waited a few days for another “driveaway” car to drive to Washington state to get back to college there. Lots of adventures!

    Driving through forever-flat Iowa where there’s nothing on the radio but pig auctions, or having to use a small coin purse so I could use the gear shift in the second car (it was pretty stripped) as we went over the mountains gently coaxing it uphill, or finding a small campground where we spent the night, got up early and drove on without having to pay for the night! There was no one at the little office at the entrance at any point during our short stay. We tried to find someone to pay! lol

    I’ve always been a traveler/wanderer (went to Europe & camped/traveled for 2+ months when in college-loved it!!) up until we settled in Florida so our son could have some stability and experience neighborhood life during his school years. Prior to living here, I had visited or driven through 26 states and I hope to do more traveling in the future with my husband. Car and camper?? Probably have a small RV because my husband has never camped and wouldn’t want to share showers/necessities with strangers. lol Although, to be honest, that can be kinda’ fun. You meet some interesting people hanging out waiting for your turn for the shower!

    Have a wonderful time, go where the wind takes you, stay where you feel compelled to stay and well…go with the flow! I’m going to enjoy reading about your journey. Sending lots of positive wishes your way. 🙂

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