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We’re all too close to our own stuff, and that makes it pretty hard to see the forest for the trees. Teaming up with a coach and supportive partner offers you a fresh perspective, accountability, and a loving kick in the ass.

You really can have it all. This is something I wholeheartedly believe in and live by. And I want that for you, too.

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How I Work

I do all of my coaching via the telephone (or Skype). We’ll speak three times per month for 30 minutes each. In between calls, the support continues via a weekly virtual check-in as well as email coaching as needed.

Through your work with me, you’ll be able to see situations in new and different ways, and together we come up with appropriate action steps to move you in a direction that is aligned with your personal and professional desires and values.

The main components of coaching that clients really appreciate is the ability to work with someone who will hold you up when you struggle, and help you get out of your own way. Someone who will help you set better boundaries so you can honor your needs and self-care. The support and accountability are both key components in your success.

Because I work only with clients who are committed and motivated, I require a 3-month commitment to start our relationship. This allows us to begin the building of a solid and sustaining foundation.

Coaching is not about a “quick fix”. You’re more important than that.

I offer both individual (on a limited basis) and group coaching. To be among the first to know of open opportunities for either, be sure you’re subscribed to my newsletter. You can do so right over there —>.

VIP COACHING PACKAGE: $500 per month  

  • Minimum commitment of three months
  • Three, 30-minute calls per month. Calls may be recorded upon advanced request.
  • Email recap of next steps after each call
  • Additional email support, as needed

*Because consistency and accountability are keys to your success, all three calls must be conducted within the same month.

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Personalized Laser Coaching session

Are you sick of feeling stuck? Can’t seem to get out of your own way? Know what you want to be doing, but not sure why you aren’t doing it? Sounds like it’s time for some support.

There are times when you need a jump-start to get the wheels in motion. With a Laser Coaching session, you’ll get that and more.

In our 50-minute phone session, we’ll look at where you are compared to where you want to be.
We’ll then come up with an action plan to get you headed in the right direction, all while digging in deep to how and why you self-sabotage to help you avoid doing it in the future.

When you book a Laser Session through my website, you’ll receive an email requesting information on the area of your life or business where you’d like to focus.

Please note, Laser Sessions are offered Monday-Thursday, between 9 AM and 5 PM, as availability allows.


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Here’s what some past clients have to say about our work together:

I’ve been working with Kerri for years now. I credit our work together for truly shining a light on all areas of my life. If it wasn’t for Kerri, I wouldn’t be renting out our apartment and getting ready for a year’s worth of travel. In short, she is brilliant. If you are looking to make some change, take things up a notch or simply to live more mindfully book an exploratory call. I promise you won’t regret it.” — Debbie D.

“Kerri is a fantastic, positive coach with the ability to break down overwhelming situations into doable steps. She helped me articulate goals and then put in place a realistically achievable plan through which to accomplish them. I highly recommended her to anyone who thinks they know where they want to get to, but can’t quite see how to get there!” — Michelle M.

“I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your talent, devotion, and skill at what you do. What a godsend your clarity is! … your focus was so helpful, and you somehow came up with such helpful, practical/spiritual, strong messages and reminders. I am often agog at the surgical precision of your words, just the right thing at the right time. It can feel like water to someone in the desert. You made a big difference in my life.” — Ruth L.

“Kerri gave me hope and practical tools after I thought I had exhausted both in years — more than fifteen years — of half-finished drafts, unrevised stories, tons of classes and writing books. Now I find myself using some of the knowledge I gained from all those years, because Kerri’s philosophy of small steps, self-encouragement and gentleness have finally released my inner saboteur. I almost didn’t call her because I thought I had tried everything, but clearly her coaching is the piece that makes the rest of the puzzle work.” — Amy L.

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Online Groups, Classes, and Workshops

I frequently offer teleclasses, online workshops, writing and coaching groups, and webinars. Please subscribe to my newsletter to be among the first to know of new offerings. Sign up in the box to the right.

For a list of previous offerings, click here.


I’m also available to speak on work/life balance, the crucial need to practice self-care, The Fundamentals of an Authentic Life, Grow Your Business with Energetic Marketing, and more! Please inquire here, or call (978) 225-0424.

Kerri Richardson’s workshop on “Belief Systems” was amazing! Not only did she captivate the audience with her presence, she beautifully conveyed her message which states that through the identification of limiting beliefs, defining clear action steps and establishing effective boundaries, the path to success is possible. I highly recommend this workshop!

— Gale Brunault, Jeanne Geiger Crisis Center

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