Ready To Handle Your Clutter, Once and For All?

The solution is in the source. And I'll help you find it.

Kerri Richardson
Lifestyle Designer and Coach

 Hey there friend,

Are you sick and tired of the piles of stuff all around your home, office, and car? Do you feel like you’ve tried everything to sort, organize, and purge your clutter, but instead of reducing, it seems to reproduce? How would you like to get to the source of what’s really going on so you can once again have clear spaces, a clear mind, and an open heart to welcome in lots of universal goodies?

Call me a freak, but I’m pretty passionate about clutter and its role in our lives. There’s a lot more to it than you think, and you can experience amazing shifts in your life, even with some teeny tiny steps.

Through my 6-week Clutter Buster Video Course, I’ll help you see your clutter in a way you never have before – through the eyes of compassion, intrigue, and understanding, instead of judgment, frustration, and overwhelm.

It’s this perspective that will have you clearing things left and right – books, papers, draining relationships, blocking beliefs, and more. Pretty sweet, eh?

If you can relate to any of the following, there’s more to your clutter than you think:

  • You say you want to make a change, but end up sabotaging yourself over and over again and can’t figure out why. (Could your clutter be protecting you from putting yourself out there?)
  • You clear off your desk and, within a week, it’s full of piles again. (Is your clutter a security blanket of sorts?)
  • The relationships in your life are more draining than supportive. It seems everyone wants something! (Do you define your worth by what you do for people? Let’s work on that emotional clutter!)
  • You have gifts or heirlooms tucked away in a box somewhere that you feel guilty getting rid of, but you really don’t want them anymore. (Do you tend to be ruled by guilt and obligation?)
  • You have more books than you do bookshelves. (Are you looking for an escape or a magic solution in those books instead of diving in and living your life?)

Your outer world reflects your inner world. If clutter (of any kind) is bogging you down or is a reoccurring problem, it has more to do with your thinking than it does with space restrictions, organizational systems, or laziness.

I know clutter makes you crazy.

I know the shame that comes with the stuff.

I know tackling it seems impossible.

But I also know that with support, accountability, and insight into the true source of your clutter, your life can change in ways you might never have imagined. That’s exactly what I want to provide you during my

6-Week Clutter Buster Video Course!

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What Does the Course Entail?

  • Weekly video modules. Each week, for 6 weeks, you’ll get access to a video module where I’ll talk about that week’s topic (see module descriptions below). You can watch and re-watch the modules as often as you’d like throughout the duration of the course.
  • Weekly action packs. Each week, you’ll receive a downloadable Clutter Busting Action Pack that includes resources, affirmations, and an assignment to help you apply your learning right away.
  • A private Facebook group exclusively for Clutter Busters. In between classes, you’ll find inspiration and accountability from your fellowClutterBusters and me in our exclusive and private Facebook group. Come together with like-minded peeps who really get you; who are up against the same challenges; and who will hold you up when you struggle and hoot and holler in celebration of your successes! The power of this community has made all the difference to past participants.
  • JUST ADDED! Two live Q&A/Coaching calls: Wednesday, May 4 and Wednesday, May 25 at 1:30 PM ET/10:30 AM PT.

Through our work together in this Clutter Buster Video Course, I’ll help you chisel down to what’s underneath your clutter so you can be free of it once and for all. We’ll get you on a manageable action plan to put you back in charge of your life while opening up space for all kinds of abundance to come pouring in.

Check out this SNEAK PEEK below!

The following intro video is usually for registered participants only, but I want to give you an idea of what to expect during this life-changing experience:

By being open to what your clutter is trying to tell you, you’ll understand it instead of resent it, and that is THE KEY to getting rid of it.


Anna is movin’ and groovin’!

“Since taking Kerri’s course, my personal life has changed for the better. She has this amazing way of getting right to what the block is in one sentence – and once you know why things aren’t working, it’s sooo much easier to fix. With loads of tools to help you on the journey, I can’t recommend Kerri highly enough if you’re ready for your life to move in a new direction or just move!”

– Anna Bernard

During this course, we’ll

  • Explore both physical and emotional clutter (books and boundaries anyone?)
  • Learn to see your clutter as a messenger and not an enemy (could you feel protected by your clutter?)
  • Uncover the real source of your “stuff” (fear of success or fear of failure, perhaps?)
  • Discover how your clutter might actually be serving you (Yes, really)
  • Take specific and doable steps through homework assignments (reclaim your power through action
  • Be supported to take action in a safe and loving place where shame is not welcomed (yes, all this and some love, too!)

All of this will allow you to tackle your clutter with joy and ease.

That’s right. I said JOY and EASE.

Dyan found the tools that work!

“I continue to be amazed by and very grateful for this process. Kerri, your wisdom and guidance has been invaluable, and I’ve seen more change (both internally and externally) through this process than through anything else I’ve tried in the past to deal with the clutter in my life.”

— Dyan deNapoli

In my private practice, this level of teaching and support would cost $2,500, but you can join me in this powerful course at the incredible value of:


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Rakale is taking flight!

“It feels AHHHHHmazing to have cleared enough energetic and physical clutter that I am beginning to see my wings take form.”

— Rakale Hannah

If you’re ready to feel free and expansive, create the space to welcome in the gifts and opportunities that await you, and fall back in love with your life, join me!

Clutter Buster Video Course

A 6-Week Course, Weekly Action and Inspiration Packets, and Virtual Coaching in a Private, Supportive, Online Community:

All for just… 


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Jeanette got her investment back and then some! 

“Not only do I feel, for the first time in years, that I understand where I had been going wrong, but I can see how clutter in my lifestyle needed as much attention as the physical clutter around me. I resisted tackling my clutter because the task  felt too big and  overwhelming. This is where the support from the class participants and Kerri herself was invaluable.  This course, while no quick fix, started a powerful shift for me, which I believe will prove to be life changing. It was worth every cent.”

— Jeanette Miller

The Weekly Module Breakdown:

Module 1: See Clutter in a Whole New Way

In your Week 1 video, you’ll learn groundbreaking perspectives as you begin to see your clutter in an entirely different framework. I’ll share unique concepts and approaches to sorting through anything that’s getting in your way, and show you how your clutter communicates to you and what it might be saying. (physical clutter causes emotional clutter and vice versa)

Module 2: The Hidden Messages within your Physical Clutter

In this module, we’ll explore the secrets underneath common physical clutter. For example, the books on your shelf that you’ve been meaning to read are probably energetically taunting and shaming you for wasting the money, or not doing the exercises, or still feeling stuck. Your un-filed bills are telling the Universe to not send any more abundance your way because you can’t handle what you already have.

Module 3: Let’s Get to Organizing and Excavating!

Next, we’ll talk about tips and suggestions for handling your physical clutter from an organizational and logistical approach, and we’ll also address the thoughts and feelings that get stirred up with the dust. By taking action on sorting some stuff, you’ll begin to really understand the roots of your clutter, which will help you let go of it much more easily.

Module 4: Dig into Emotional Clutter

In week 4, we begin to explore emotional clutter: boundaries, blocking beliefs, to-do lists, negative self-talk, resistance, and more. You’ll learn about the connection between physical and emotional clutter and how you can experience success on both by tackling just one!

Module 5: Make Some Powerful Moves

It’s time to put your learning to the test! In this module, we’ll talk about actions you can take to work on your emotional clutter, and you’ll see just how quickly you can reap the rewards. You’ll hear real-life examples of past students and clients to inspire you to feel the fear and do it anyway!

Module 6: Onward and Upward

In our final week together, we’ll talk about strategies and tools to help you stay on track.

Class begins
Monday, April 18, 2016

Join me for what could be
the most powerful 6 weeks of your life.


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Claire let go of a lot more than “stuff”!

“Your Clutter Buster class changed my life. I let go of so much weight and stuff, and I fired three of the committee members that live in my head!” 

– Claire Rowland



So, who is Kerri Richardson?

Kerri is an Lifestyle Designer, Coach, and Speaker who helps people just like you get out of their own way. Using her intuitive abilities, she offers her signature bottom-line approach with just enough softness to create a safe place to share and learn. Kerri received her coach training through one of the top two schools in the world: Coachville.

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