Enough talk. It is time to DO.

Kerri helped me to focus, prioritize, and recognize my value.-- Sally

Every day, you have a choice -- a choice to stay small or to go for it. If you have been spinning your wheels but getting nowhere, we should talk. Together, we will get you clear on your priorities, make a plan of action, and having you feeling more fulfilled than ever before. For more deets, click here.

Laser Coaching

In my years of coaching, I've noticed there are times when folks could really benefit from a laser-focused session where…

Three Tips To Help You Be Here Now

“Most humans are never fully present in the now, because unconsciously they believe that the next moment must ...

Let It Go

I'm still truckin' along on my journey to better health, but the past couple of months have been a ...…

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This Is YOUR Independence Day

THIS Saturday, those of us living in the United States will celebrate Independence Day, commemorating the adoption of …

Can Accepting Help Be an Act of Kindness?

I can remember the conversation clearly, even though it happened 20 years ago. I'm talking with my friend, Maggie, …

Are You Focusing on the Right Life?

I belong to a tiny house Facebook group, and recently read a post by someone who was essentially ...…

Top 5 Ways To Be an Energy Vampire

You've likely heard the idea that you are the average of the five people closest to you. As you consider who ...…

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