Enough talk. It is time to DO.

Kerri helped me to focus, prioritize, and recognize my value.-- Sally

Every day, you have a choice -- a choice to stay small or to go for it. If you have been spinning your wheels but getting nowhere, we should talk. Together, we will get you clear on your priorities, make a plan of action, and having you feeling more fulfilled than ever before. For more deets, click here.

Let It Go

I’m still truckin’ along on my journey to better health, but the past couple of months have been a …

5 Tools to Live Out Loud

In my 12+ years coaching people from all walks of life, I’ve found there are …

5 Steps to Flip a Blocking Belief

This week marks one year since I began my weight loss and health journey. It’s wild to think it’s been …

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Are You Fed by the “Fix”?

On a client call, Mary* talks to me about her desire to broaden her photography skills as a way of expressing ...

Struggling to Celebrate Others?

Melissa and I were recently watching "MasterChef Junior" -- a tv show where young (I'm talking 8-13 year-olds) at-home cooks compete ...

Keep the Gratitude Going

With Thanksgiving in the States this week, there's a lot of buzz about gratitude as people pause to consider what ...

Does Happiness Scare You?

It's been just about two years since I started my healthy living/weight loss journey, and I'm still learning to take ...

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